Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Different Mayor, Same Story

What is it with Detroit mayors and New York governors? Other then being Democrats, which, of course, you won't see mentioned in this article about the new mayor of Detroit who may be facing perjury charges.

Maybe he was a graduate of the Charlie Rangel School of Tax Accounting.
The second Detroit mayor in a row is facing questions about possible perjury.

An attorney for Mayor Ken Cockrel Jr. acknowledged Monday that his client met last week with state attorneys to discuss a document stating he didn't owe campaign fines in two previous city elections.

Cockrel has since paid $42,000 in fines. Lawyer Michael Hodge says Cockrel believed he didn't have to pay the fines because he was told they would be waived.
I really, really am considering changing my voter registration to Democrat just so I can get by with all of the crap they do. Whether hacking the private records of normal citizens like they do in Ohio or pretending to be a representative from Florida while living in Maryland, or just jetting around the country on my own private jet while lecturing the rest of the country on how wasteful they are of energy and scolding CEO's of large corporations for doing the exact same thing.

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