Thursday, November 20, 2008

'We Have Arrested a Large Number of Boys Who Were Flirting With Girls'

Installment No. 4,863,928 on the joys of Islam. C'mon now, busted for flirting? Damn, I wouldn't last a day over there.
EGYPTIAN police have rounded up hundreds of teenage boys in Cairo in a day-long crackdown on sexual harassment.

"We have arrested a large number of boys who were flirting with girls," Cairo's police director Faruq Lashin said.

About 400 teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, were arrested on Wednesday and will be brought before a judge, he said.

Police targeted teenagers in front of schools, universities and along the Nile's banks, he said.

The teenagers were expected to be fined, a police official said.

Women's rights groups in Egypt have long campaigned against sexual harassment and assault in Cairo, accusing police of ignoring the phenomenon.

On Monday, a Cairo court jailed a teenager for one year for sexually assaulting two women.

Another teenager, a 17 year old, is facing trial on the same charge.

At least 34 men were arrested after they allegedly assaulted women in an affluent Cairo neighbourhood during a Muslim holiday in January.

Such convictions are relatively rare in Egypt, which does not have a law defining sexual harassment, but a court in October sentenced a man to three years in jail for groping a woman.
OK, obviously anyone physically harassing and assaulting women need to be dealt with, but they might want to clarify the difference between sexual assault and flirting. Oh, and they want want to have a chat with these imams who say it's OK to rape women.

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