Sunday, November 30, 2008

Evil Clown Wants to Stay in Office Until 2021

Or maybe until he's dead. Which hopefully is sooner than 2021.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday urged supporters to work on a constitutional reform that would let him stay in office as long he keeps winning elections, a year after voters narrowly rejected this same proposal in a referendum.

The anti-U.S. leader is pushing forward the controversial proposal to eliminate a two-term limit for the president just a week after regional elections in which the OPEC nation's fractured opposition gained ground by beating Chavez allies in key states and the capital of Caracas.

"I'm ready to be with you until 2021," Chavez told a crowd of red-clad supporters in a televised address.

Chavez said reports of opposition governors and mayors sabotaging social programs and attacking government supporters convinced him he needed more time in office.

"Last year, when we lost the referendum, I said I should accept the decision of the majority," he said. "But now seeing what's happening, seeing more clearly the great threat of these fascists ... I say you were right, Chavez will not go."
Typical leftist, ignoring the will of the people.

I suspect his carcass will have to be dragged from office.

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