Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seems To Be a Lot of This Going On: Police Chief Shoots Self In Thigh

Turns out Plaxico Burress isn't the only one who needs to learn a little gun safety.
Middletown police Chief Greg Schwarber is recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered Friday, Nov. 28, at his residence on Todhunter Road.

Monroe police were called to the Schwarber residence at 1:25 p.m. on a report of an accidental discharge of a gun, said Sgt. Tom Cobaugh.

Schwarber, 54, was shot in the leg while cleaning a Glock .45-caliber pistol just minutes after giving his daughter a gun safety lesson, according to reports.

When officers arrived at the residence, they found Schwarber lying on the floor of his house with his leg covered by a towel. The pistol, which was behind Schwarber, was retrieved and secured.

According to the Monroe police report, "Mr. Schwarber stated that he was out teaching his daughter gun safety and shooting techniques. When they returned home, Mr. Schwarber was preparing to clean his weapons, when he failed to realize that his pistol was still loaded and accidentally shot himself in the leg."

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