Saturday, November 22, 2008

NFL Week 12

We head into the final six weeks of the NFL season with the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans seemingly destined for a Super Bowl showdown. As we know, however, things can change quickly. At this point last season, did anyone realistically think the Giants were going to be in the Super Bowl, let alone win it? Well, these two teams keep mowing down the competition and this week both face 7-3 teams looking for the upset in probably the best matchups of Week 12.

We had Pittsburgh Thursday night so we now stand at 78-80-3 for the season.

Jets +5.5 TITANS: If Tennessee gets past this one, they'll be 14-0 before hosting the Steelers in Week 16 and traveling to Indianapolis for their last game. Jets are rolling, but Favre is due for a couple of costly picks, and the Titans lead the league in INTs. Titans 23-20

BROWNS -3 Texans: If you're stuck with this turkey of a game, maybe you should do some last-minute Thanksgiving shopping. Browns 35-20

CHIEFS +3 Bills: What the hell happened to Trent Edwards? The Bills are in free-fall and even the lowly Chiefs should beat them. Chiefs 20-17

Patriots +1 DOLPHINS: Sure, Fish gangster-slapped Pats earlier this year in Foxboro, but just can't imagine New England getting broomed by divisional rival. Matt Cassel is actually beginning to resemble a serviceable NFL quarterback. Patriots 27-24

49ers +10 COWBOYS: Everyone seems to be marking down the Cowboys as 8-4 after their Thanksgiving game. Maybe. But it won't come easy. Cowboys 24-21

Buccaneers -8 LIONS: Winless Lions have actually covered four times this year, but I can't trust these dogs. Buccaneers 30-17

RAVENS -1 Eagles: Two things you can guarantee. Eagles won't run for 200 yards like the Giants did last week and Donovan McNabb will forever be a punchline after exposing himself as a blithering idiot last week. Andy Reid-McNabb era will soon be coming to an end. Ravens 17-13

Bears -8 RAMS: Rams have given up 75 points the past two games. In the first half! These guys are a joke. Bears were buried in Green Bay last week but at 5-5 are still tied for the division lead, so they won't take any chances against this sorry outfit. Bears 34-10

JAGUARS -2.5 Vikings: I figure Jacksonville is about ready to pack it in after loss to Tennessee last week, but Minnesota is terrible on the road. Jaguars 27-20

Giants -3 CARDINALS: I keep thinking this is a game the Giants will probably lose, but then I see that in Vegas 86% of the money is going with the Giants, an astonishing number. Sure, Kurt Warner is lighting it up this year, but he tends to fumble a lot when pressured and the G-Men can bring it. Oh, and they can run at will on people, so that will keep Warner on the sidelines enough. Giants 34-24

BRONCOS -9 Raiders: I kept figuring Denver would fade and San Diego would overtake them. Not any more. Broncos are pretty resilient and there's nobody they hate more than the Raiders. Broncos 38-13

FALCONS -1 Panthers: Atlanta absolutely needs this game and how long can the Panthers keep winning with Jake Delhomme throwing for less than 100 yards a game? Falcons 27-17

SEAHAWKS +3.5 Redskins: I know, I know, the Seahags are dead. Just going with that cross-country trip theory here. Seahawks 20-17

Colts +2.5 CHARGERS: San Diego keeps finding unique ways to lose. Just isn't their year. That and Peyton Manning is on a roll. As always, The Olbermann Rule is in effect. Colts 30-27

SAINTS -2.5 Packers: Both teams are 5-5, but Saints are desperate. They pretty much need to roll the table to sneak into the playoffs. Packers can afford to lose a couple more and can still win their division. Always lean toward the desperate team, especially at home. Saints 34-28

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