Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kos Kidz Still Sniffing Glue

How else can you explain this?
It is, perhaps, the most exciting part of the Legacy Content being created by our new President-Elect. Love returns to the highest office in the world, and its healing power washes over every human being. If the aliens are watching, they will surely see a change in the energy field. Which leads me to a question.

Which comic book characters have the healthiest relationships, and what superheroes do Barack and Michelle Obama most closely embody with their love?
Apparently not all the Kos Kidz are feeling the love.
Been feeling angry, fearful, sad, or depressed, lately? I have. I remember the joy I felt on election night, and how that joy came crashing down when I woke up the next morning to the reality of California's Prop 8 having passed. It blew me away. I had been talking to my sister in the weeks leading up to the vote of possibly moving out there with her so that me and my boyfriend of nearly nineteen years could get married. To straight people out there, imagine being with your boyfriend or girlfriend for nineteen years. Who has a boyfriend that long? Imagine never being able to call, by law, your boyfriend or girlfriend your spouse, and imagine that was the case because people who hated you spend millions to tell your neighbors every lie in the book about you.
I guess handling defeat like an adult is out of the question.

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