Friday, July 31, 2009

All Four Were In The United State Illegally.

No kidding. Actually it sounds like all involved were in this country illegally, only four are being prosecuted.

I know by now stories like this are becoming ho-hum, what's new, but these are the kind of stories that our liberal friends like to ignore and leave out of the healthcare debate. Why does this belong into a healthcare story?

Who do you think pays when these girls contract a sexually transmitted disease or need to be treated for any other ailment so that they can continue to pursue their indentured servitude?
According to the federal investigation, Cortes-Meza enticed poor girls and women — 14 to 28 years old —to leave rural Mexico for the United States. He promised them better lives, jobs and husbands even as he was planning to force them to have sex with as many as 30 men per day. He took most of the money they earned as prostitutes.

Certain counties around the Atlanta area have gotten very aggressive recently in pursuing illegal aliens and trying to get them sent back home. The problem is that as one county squeezes them they simply move to another, but even the illegals have figured out the system. They are now avoiding the "Red" counties and fleeing into the already bankrupt "Blue" counties, who of course merely whine louder and beg harder for others to pony up more tax money to bail them out.

Of course now the good citizens of Georgia are going to have to pay for 3 hots and a cot for these folks while they are guests of the penal system.

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