Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'This Conduct is Unacceptable in a Civilized Society'

The Erin Andrews saga continues as police now suspect the person videotaping the ESPN sportscaster may have inside knowledge of her schedule or perhaps even be part of a sports crew working her events.
Beautiful ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, who was secretly videotaped naked in her hotel room by a peephole pervert, is horrified and furious over the twisted act, her lawyer said yesterday.

"We are focused on putting this predator behind bars," her lawyer, Marshall B. Grossman, said yesterday. "This conduct is unacceptable in a civilized society."

Of the probe, he said only that his client and her representatives are working with authorities to bring the pervert to justice.

They are teaming with law enforcement and scouring the Web to find the creepy cameraman and make sure no more videos are up on any Web sites.

Grossman refused to identify the law-enforcement agency investigating or even where and when the videos were made.

"We will not risk the compromise of investigations through public discussion," he said.
The revelation there are six tapes leads investigators toward the theory it could well be someone she knows who did this.
TMZ has reviewed six videos shot by the peeping Tom who secretly videotaped Erin Andrews in her hotel room as the ESPN reporter walked around naked, not having a clue she was being watched ... and there are signs the person who taped it may be connected with the coverage of athletic events.

Four of the clips were shot in the same hotel. The remaining two were shot in a different hotel. In the first hotel, the peephole is round. In the second hotel, the peephole is jagged. The furniture in the two hotel rooms is completely different.
My money is a disgruntled ex-boyfriend and/or someone related to ESPN is behind this. It can't be long until law enforcement pinpoints who was in both locations concurrently with Andrews and whittles it down from there.

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