Wednesday, July 22, 2009

'That's An All-timer If True'

You think the New York Mets have been a bumbling, stumbling embarrassment this season? Well, you can chalk up much of their misery to an unusual spate of injuries that have left them physically decimated. Though in a year of on-field gaffes and miscues, this off-field behavior by their VP of player development may be the biggest black eye.
The Binghamton Mets clubhouse nearly turned into a scene out of WWE Raw recently, when VP for player development Tony Bernazard removed his shirt and challenged the Double-A players to a fight during a postgame tirade, multiples sources told the Daily News.

Bernazard particularly went after middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, using a slang term associated with a woman's anatomy, a source indicated. The confrontation happened about 10 days before the All-Star break, according to insiders.

"That's an all-timer if true," an AL official said upon hearing the account, which was corroborated by multiple people with ties to the Mets.
Considering the Mets' Double A and Triple A teams are a combined 45 below .500, the Wilpons have more than enough ammunition to send this clown packing. This may be just the final nail in Bernazard's coffin. If that isn't, maybe this is.
The shoddy treatment of people in the system has led to mocking of the VP behind his back.

The News reported Tuesday that Bernazard, one of GM Omar Minaya's top lieutenants, recently erupted at the organization's manager of baseball operations. During a game at Citi Field, scouts took their customary seats in a row behind home plate. Bernazard showed up during play and wanted a seat occupied by a D-Backs scout. Bernazard's deputy, already seated in the row, suggested to the Mets VP that he wait until the half-inning ended, to minimize the disruption. Bernazard ripped into his deputy with a profanity-laced tirade as scouts and patrons watched in disbelief.
If this nonsense isn't enough they were shut out by the lowly Washington Nationals last night and today wake up to the five most dreaded words in sports: First place New York Yankees.

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