Sunday, July 12, 2009

Protesting Iranian-Americans Ignored at White House

I can certainly sympathize with these protesters, but sad to say their cries for help are being ignored. If they think pleading their case to this administration is going to get them anywhere, they'll be waiting a long time.
Hundreds of protesters, many of them Iranian-Americans, marched from Capitol Hill to the White House on Saturday, most holding Iranian flags and chanting demands for the U.S. to take more action after Iran's disputed election.

After marching through several blocks of downtown Washington, more than 200 people rallied in front of the White House. They shouted demands for President Barack Obama and leaders of other countries to "reject the sham elections, impose complete sanctions."

They also shouted "death to Ahmadinejad," referring to the Iranian president whose disputed June 12 re-election prompted days of street protests in Iran. Some carried pictures of Neda Agha Soltan, a young woman who bled to death in a Tehran street. She became a symbol of the postelection protest movement after videos of her death by gunfire were posted online.
And then Michael Jackson died and the media forgot about Iran.
"I'm here to tell Mr. Obama please, please take action. You need to take action right now," he said. "In Iran, they don't want this government."
God luck with that.

Making matters worse, we're even handing over captured Iranian agents. Wonderful.
As power is transferred back to the Iraqi government, the US will continue to release the Iranian and Hezbollah agents captured in Iraq.

US intelligence officials who directly deal with the Iranian threat in Iraq are dismayed by the release of the Qods Force agents, and say the release of more is in the pipeline.

"If you didn't like the release of Laith and the Irbil Five, you'd better get used to it," one official told The Long War Journal in disgust.

"We worked hard to catch these bastards, now we're cutting them loose with little thought to the consequences of doing this.”

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