Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'This Is So Disgusting, I've Felt Sick Ever Since'

I believe the operative word here is Dude.
A tourist from Germany says when he bit into his steak at the Waldorf-Astoria, there was a used tampon in it.
Axel Sanz-Claus, a tourist from Germany was enjoying a perfect visit to New York City until his dinner Friday night.

He ordered steak and spinach from the Bull and Bear Steak House at the Waldorf Astoria.

Sanz-Claus spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News claiming that hidden in his food was a tampon, a blood soaked tampon.

"I had it in my mouth, chewed it and nearly swallowed it," said Sanz-Claus. He adds, "This is so disgusting, I've felt sick ever since."

This diner says he rinsed his mouth with brandy then went to the bathroom to vomit. He says the hotel then called an ambulance. Sanz-Claus claims the doctor in the emergency room cut the object in half and confirmed it was a used tampon. New York Presbyterian today confirming he was treated at the hospital

Sanz-Claus says he has not been able to sleep or eat since the episode.

Repulsive enough, just the thought of putting such an object in one's mouth and trying to eat it but this tourist says he now fears he has made himself vulnerable to disease.
Not to mention merciless ridicule over the name Axel Sanz-Claus.

Frankly, I'm finding it difficult to believe a tampon was somehow inserted into a steak.

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