Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grim News: Corzine Approval at 37%

Of course the news is only grim if you're Jonny the Beard.
Most New Jerseyans feel Governor Jon Corzine has no major accomplishments to point to as he asks voters to give him a second term in Trenton. The latest Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey Poll also finds little movement in his report card grades in key performance areas, as he continues to average a “C–” from the New Jersey public.

Currently, only 37% of New Jersey residents approve of how their governor is handling his job, compared to 49% who disapprove. Among registered voters, his ratings stand at 38% approve to 51% disapprove. This is consistent with Corzine’s job rating since February.

Governor Corzine maintains net positive job ratings only among his fellow Democrats – 53% approve to 30% disapprove. He receives negative ratings from majorities of both independents (57% disapprove to 30% approve) and Republicans (74% disapprove to 21% approve).
Only 53% of Democrats approve? The guy must be asking himself why on earth he ever left the private sector. He's probably spent about $150 million buying a Senate seat and then the keys to Drumthwacket and he's barely got half his own party in the fold.
With only six months left in his term, few voters feel that Jon Corzine has accomplished much during his time in Trenton. Only 13% say that he has major accomplishments to point to, while 49% say he has minor accomplishments. Another 34% say that he has no real accomplishments. Even among his fellow Democrats, only 23% feel that Corzine has achieved major accomplishments as governor. They are joined by just 9% of Republicans and 7% of independents who feel the same.

“It’s pretty difficult to expect voters to return you to office when all they’ve seen are improvements around the edges. But this is exactly the position Corzine finds himself in,” commented Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.
With four months to his contests against Chris Christie it's tough to find a silver lining for Corzine.

Oh well. And it doesn't look like Obama's visit last week is going to help, although you can expect the usual suspects from ACORN and the SEIU to flood the zone come the fall in a desperate attempt to help Corzine.

If it comes to pass, it will be amusing to see Obama and his media handlers explain a humiliating Democrat defeat in a solidly blue state.

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