Monday, July 13, 2009

Brilliant Hillary Costs NYC $260 Million

Laughing at taxpayers

Well, I guess this lost reveneue will just have to made made up by the taxpaying suckers who voted for The Smartest Woman in the World.
Thanks a lot, Hillary!

In a surprise turnaround that will cost the city $260 million in back taxes and untold millions in future lost revenue, Hillary Rodham Clinton's State Department has quietly reversed a longstanding policy requiring foreign governments to pay taxes on some diplomatic residences.

It's a shocking about-face by Secretary of State Clinton -- who repeatedly spoke in favor of the city's right to collect the taxes when she was New York's junior senator.
Oh, so she lied, huh?
The Big Apple, which recently won a federal court ruling requiring India and Mongolia to fork over some $46 million in back taxes, is expected to lose about $7 million a year in current tax revenues.

That number could dramatically increase in the future if property taxes rise.

Mongolia and India had appealed the 2008 order requiring them to pay, but neither had given the city its check.

Now they don't have to.

Adding insult to injury, a week before the June 23 policy change, the Hungarian government wrote the city to say it was planning to clear up its old tax debt, which totaled $32.5 million, for its East 52nd Street consulate.

"This offer is made taking into consideration the current economic crisis existing in Hungary and the City of New York," the June 16 letter said.
Economic crisis? Who cares? Queen Hillary of Rodham can do as she pleases, consequences to her "home" state notwithstanding.

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