Monday, July 27, 2009


Like a latter day Dr Doolittle, British Home Secretary - and Mr Bean look-a-like David Miliband suggests that it is time we started to talk to the Taliban.
But not ANY old Taliban, no, he wants to chat to the moderate Taliban. Learning from the lessons of Northern Ireland, the British Government believes that if we could only talk to the Islamic scum that kill our troops we might win their hearts and minds. Yes, that's how BAD it is over here. We have a bunch of pre-pubescent dhimmis in government who having sold out to terrorism in Northern Ireland are now seeking to do likewise in Afghanistan.
The only engagement with the Taliban should be from the business end of a drone, or a rifle, or a shell. We don't need to talk to them. Killing them is the key objective - every last one of them. But Dr Doolittle knows better...

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