Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, you may think that Obama is a tad lukewarm in his support for the US military but he is a veritable General MacArthur compared to UK Prime Minister Gordon "Cyclops" Brown. Comes the news today that even as the bodies of four British soldiers killed on active service in Afghanistan are returned home the Government has launched a legal mission to restrict the level of payments awarded to servicemen and women injured whilst on combat.

The idea is that the injured soliders are only paid for the direct injury they receive whilst on duty but get nothing for the future consequences of it. Isn't that just wonderful? The British government, socialist to the core of course, despises the very idea of armed forces. I dare say they would rather replace the likes of the SAS with a battalion of aromatherapists. The left does not want to defend our nations and that is why even at this time it undermines the military.

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