Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Come to This: Woman Details Bank Robbery on Twitter

Apparently this twit suffered such derision she wound up pulling her Twitter stream. She might want to get that BlackBerry fixed so next time she can actually call 911.
A 26-year-old woman on line at a midtown bank watched a robbery unfold before her eyes - and then became an instant Internet celeb by Twittering about it.

"My bank was just held up - with me in it," Annemarie Dooling, a self-described "social media junkie," posted to the microblogging site.

In bursts over the next hour, she added updates: "I'm locked in the bank still ... police just arrived ... they wont let us leave the bank ... i didnt even notice and he was two people in front of me ... can we GO?!"

Dooling, a Web producer for Telepictures Productions, was posting from a BlackBerry smart phone with a busted trackball - meaning she couldn't make calls.
As long as she can Tweet and text, isn't that all that matters these days?
At first, Twitter users sent Dooling good wishes and "retweeted" her breathless messages, with some noting that Twittering a bank robbery in 140-character-or-less messages was a first.

Soon, Dooling found herself a figure of derision from Web commenters who seemed to think she was Twittering during the heist. By the end of the day, she had hidden her Twitter stream.

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