Thursday, July 23, 2009

Veteran's Warning On National Health Care

This is what health care looks like in a program administered by the national government. This is a report about the local VA clinic/hospital near me. The local station that I got the video from does not allow me to embed it, but please take a few minutes to go watch this report. I do not use VA facilities for this very reason, but rather use private health care options.

There is no reason to believe this type of situation would not be repeated all across this country if the plans the Democrats are trying to shove through become reality. Listen to the reasons cited in this report, they are many of the same reasons being given as reasons why the liberals plan is flawed and for many Americans could prove fatal.

If that is not enough, take 20 minutes to watch Steven Crowder's video report from Canada as reported over at Big Hollywood.

I didn't watch Barry O's dog and pony show last night, since I figured it would be like all of his past performances and stage managed to the nth degree. Judging by the coverage this morning on the various news shows, I see some semi-pointed questions were asked but the answers were seriously lacking. It seems Barack's response basically boiled down to that of a 5 year old hollering "I want" at the top of his lungs in the toy department of a discount store, and it is up to the adults, i.e., the taxpayers in this country, to tell him no.

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