Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Obama's Taxpayer Funded Summer Getaway

Proving that the economy is only worrisome to average working folks, and unfettered by having to live within a budget the Obamas are going to spend even more of your money on a a quaint little summer getaway on a property in Martha's Vineyard that rents for $50,000 a week and is valued at $20 million.

The absolute arrogance of this couple and the willful blind eye that our press has in regards to their extravagant taxpayer spending ways is really beginning to grate on my last good nerve.

The farm features a swimming pool, golf practice facilities — Mr Obama plays regularly — a basketball court, access to a private beach and a rental price tag of up to $50,000 (£30,000) a week.

No deal has yet been struck on the property, but the rental agreement being negotiated has reportedly been split into three separate leases: one to be held by the Obamas — and paid for out of their own pockets — one by the Secret Service, and a third by the White House, which will be sending a large entourage to Martha’s Vineyard to accompany the President.

So far the family has traveled all over the world on our dime with Michelle making shopping trips in France and elsewhere, he is always jetsetting to a different location every week, apparently still in campaign mode, to sell his latest governmental grab, and spent tons of money taking photos of New York and frightening the citizens in the process and all the while the employment numbers get worse and the deficits continue to grow.

What happened to the press who couldn't wait to label President Bush as an absentee president everytime he went to Crawford to his ranch? Where are they now? Former President Bush had nothing on Obama when it comes to hitting the golf links either. I think the last item I saw on that was that Barry O had been golfing something like 10 times in the last 10 weeks.

How's this for change?

The Obamas are reported to be determined to pay their way — unlike the Clintons, who stayed at Martha’s Vineyard regularly during their years at the White House but who were always put up by other people and thus stayed rent-free.

By paying their own way they mean that the bill for the Secret Service and the advance team will be paid by us and I really want to see the expense report to see what the Obama's share comes to. Not bad for a couple who on the campaign trail complained about just recently being able to pay off their student loans and needed some big time help on what some consider a shady deal to purchase their home in Chicago.

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