Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great News! Even More Schools Being Named After Obama

At the current rate of decline in support for the President in Training Pants, the poor kids attending these schools will soon be stigmatized and ashamed to admit where they go to school.
Here's one way to hail the chief.

Schools named in honor of President Obama are popping up with increasing frequency these days -- with two city and two New Jersey charter schools leading the way.

Among the more than 20 charter school applications received by the city this year, two were inspired by the nation's headmaster: the Barack Obama Community Charter School in Staten Island and the Yes We Can Academy in The Bronx.

Both elementary schools are hoping to open in September 2010.

"It seems entirely appropriate that a president who's taking the concept of charter schools to the next level should have his name appear on some of these schools," said Joe Williams, director of Democrats for Education Reform.

Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have backed innovations such as charter schools.
Really? They support charter schools? Then why are they wholly-owned by the NEA and UFT, which fight charter schools tooth and nail, trapping kids in failed public schools?

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