Monday, July 20, 2009

Dem Operative: 'I'm Nervous'

Well, there's apparently one Democrat operative who's blissfully unaware the media is totally in the tank for Barack Obama.
For the first time, however, doubts are growing that Obama's trillion-dollar stimulus is too glacial and may not be robust enough to cure the sick economy.

Some jittery Democrats, moreover, whisper that his legislative agenda - particularly an energy bill and the health care reform package - may be too ambitious for the end-of-the-year deadline Obama has imposed.

"I'm nervous," a Democratic operative close to the Obama White House admitted. "He's set the bar so high that if we don't get energy and health care, the press will eat him alive."

Another prominent Democratic consultant echoes the yips from even some true believers:

"It could be great, it could be a disaster."

It's plainly premature for such apocalyptic musings, which strike the Obama high command as weak-kneed heresy.

"It's not bad for six months," Obama said, reeling off a list of accomplishments to a fund-raising dinner last month and warning against complacency. "This is when it gets hard."

Which helps explains why senior Obama officials have quietly solicited the strategic and tactical counsel of Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, who's been away writing a book.
Of course back when they passed the pork-laden "stimulus" package we were told everything was shovel-ready and set to jumpstart the economy. Now those fanciful claims are on hold, as is literacy.
"We always knew it was going to get worse before it got better," an Obama loyalist moaned. "But it got worser."

If they really want to avoid things getting worser, they might want to start telling the truth about ObamaCare and not ram through legislation without the public getting the facts.

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