Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Broken Campaign Promise: Obama to 'Cooperate' With Sudan

Seems this guy never met a terrorist state he didn't want to appease. No doubt all those Obamatons concerned about the plight of Darfur will be very disappointed.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday will debut the Obama administration's new "incentives and pressure" strategy for Sudan.

The new approach -- which will emphasize cooperation with the state's embattled government, not isolation -- would see the White House take an active role long-standing conflict it has for the most part adjudicated from the sidelines. It would also represent a clear break from the tougher strategy Obama consistently proposed on the campaign trail.

“To advance peace and security in Sudan, we must engage with allies and with those with whom we disagree,” said the policy statement, which The New York Times obtained and first reported.
How about engaging with your real enemies, Baracky? Like Fox News?
Consequently, the president's new strategy could prove exceptionally tough for both the United States and Sudan, given al-Bashir's growing unpopularity. Critics in both political camps are likely to accuse him of doing too little or embroiling the United States further in another international conflict.
So much for Obama's priorities.
In advertisements and letters to the White House, legislators, activist groups and Sudanese rebel leaders have accused Mr. Obama of abandoning his promises to make Sudan a priority from his first day in office and to stand tough against President Bashir, whom the International Criminal Court indicted this year for crimes against humanity.

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