Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anti-Limbaugh Talking Point for Today

Since the far-left media is now on a 24/7 crusade to derail Rush Limbaugh's group from buying the St. Louis Rams, we figure we might want to tip you off to what MSNBC and CNN will be discussing all day.
Now that Rush Limbaugh is trying to buy the St. Louis Rams, a team in a league where 70 percent of the players are black, he might consider quitting his membership in the Everglades Club in Palm Beach, which has never had a black member. Joseph Kennedy quit the Everglades when his son became president. Socialite C.Z. Guest was suspended after she brought Estee Lauder, who was Jewish, there in 1972. Florida's New Times reports that Kleenex heir James Kimberly took Sammy Davis Jr. to the club once and they were escorted out. A source said Limbaugh had no trouble when he brought Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas there for lunch.
Naturally, the self-appointed arbiter of all things race, the racist Al Sharpton, will probably soon be arriving in West Palm Beach.
I may go down to Florida with some brothers and sisters to see if we can have dinner at the Everglades. Guess who's coming to dinner at the Everglades?"
Maybe Sharpton can go to the real Everglades and take a ride on a leaky airboat. OK, that's a joke, but it's OK to joke about this stuff now, right? Oh, and by the way, can the folks at the Post try and at least show a current photo of Limbaugh? For crying out loud the guy is about 200 pounds now.

For what it's worth, here's a valid reason why Rush might want to reconsider membership in that club. Of course this will be tomorrow's talking point: That he condones illegal alien rapists.

Look, at least it's better than making up quotes and attributing them to him.

Meanwhile, it sounds as if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is buying some of the made up quotes.
Commissioner Roger Goodell cast doubt on Rush Limbaugh’s viability as an N.F.L. owner Tuesday, saying that “divisive comments are not what the N.F.L. is all about.”

“I’ve said many times before, we’re all held to a high standard here,” Mr. Goodell said. “I would not want to see those comments coming from people who are in a responsible position in the N.F.L. — absolutely not."
Goodell might want to be careful. Since his wife, Jane Skinner, works for the evil Fox News, pretty soon his new boss Sharpton might be ordering him to get a divorce.

One owner chimed in.
Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, made it clear he would vote against Mr. Limbaugh. “I would not be in favor of voting for him,” Mr. Irsay said. “I could ask Tony Dungy, Jim Caldwell, Dwight Freeney and consult with them, but there have been comments that have been made that have been inappropriate, incendiary and insensitive. It’s bigger than football. We have to watch the words that we say.”
It appears Irsay is unaware Dungy appeared on Limbaugh's show this year.
RUSH: I have been looking forward to the next few minutes ever since this interview with Coach Tony Dungy was put together. Recently retired from the Indianapolis Colts, coming off the million copies of his first book Quiet Strength. This book is Uncommon, is the title, Finding Your Path to Significance, the subtitle. Coach Dungy, welcome here. I can't tell you how thrilled and honored I am to be able to speak to you, sir.

COACH DUNGY: Well, thank you, Rush. I feel the same. It's great being on with you and thank you for having me.
Funny how nobody in the media is going to Dungy for a quote this week. Instead they rely on a racial arsonist like Sharpton for their misinformation. They may want to also consider retracting their lies and lawyering up.

Update: For more on the latest smear against Rush, check out Tim Blair.

Mark Steyn also weighs in.

He does his show every day with an off-mike black sidekick yakking in his ear (Mr. Snerdley) and he has a black guest-host (the great Walter Williams). More to the point, when I began guest-hosting for Rush, I was amazed to discover that George Soros pays a team of stenographers, many of them called Zachary, to work their tippy-tappy fingers to the bone for three hours transcribing everything Rush or his fill-ins say in the hope that their efforts will one day be rewarded and he will deliver the big career-detonating soundbite. Among the afficionados of this service are, as I discovered recently, America's "newspaper of record," which faithfully follows the George Soros typing pool and dutifully plasters any potentially damaging bon mot on page one.

And, aside from all that, 20 million people are out there listening.

So where are these racist soundbites? Where's the audio? Where's the transcript? Name the year. Heigh-ho, say CNN's Rick Sanchez and the rest of the basement-ratings crowd. Not our problem: It's for Limbaugh to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he's never said it.

We're too busy fact-checking anti-Obama jokes to fact-check our own reporting . . .

Hot Air links. Thanks!

By the way, CNN's Rick Sanchez might not want to be digging too deep into people's past. Just saying.
Rick Sanchez quoted Rush Limbaugh on CNN and the quote was fabricated. The racially insensitive quote attributed to Limbaugh was made up on the internet and not uttered by Rush.

Sanchez has refused to apologize for using the quote in a hit job on Limbaugh designed to destroy Limbaugh’s bid for the St. Louis Rams.

Here is what is real.

Rick Sanchez ran over a man and left the guy for dead.

It was December 10, 1990. Sanchez was leaving a Miami Dolphins game when he ran over a man. Sanchez fled the scene for two hours.

Finally, Sanchez came back. Two hours after the incident, Sanchez was still drunk — well above the legal limit. But Sanchez was a well known Miami reporter with lots of friends on the police force. He was never charged with the hit and run. He just pled no contest to DUI.

The man Sanchez hit and ran away from? He died in 1995, paralyzed and in a nursing home.
Meanwhile, the self-pwnage continues.

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