Sunday, October 04, 2009

Aww, Another Date Night for the Obamas

Well, considering their disastrous appeal to the IOC, these two could use the time to get out and celebrate anything. In this case, it happens to be their 17th anniversary.
Barack and Michelle Obama are, among other things, husband and wife. And tonight, they celebrated their 17th anniversary, their first in the White House.

The president and first lady went out.

At 7:40 pm EDT, the presidential motorcade stopped in front of Blue Duck Tavern in the West End of Washington, between Dupont Circle and Georgetown.

"Taste cannot be controlled by law,'' Thomas Jefferson is said to have said -- it says so at the Blue Duck Tavern's Web-site.

The restaurant at 24th and M specializes in classic American fare, with a wood-burning oven. We have no idea what the first couple ordered, But the seared striped bass goes for $24, the braised wreckfish $26.
More importantly the evening allowed Michelle Obama to flash those glistening guns and her omnipresent smile for the world to see. I imagine by now the editors at the NY Daily News are hurriedly prepping their next First Lady Fashion Icon installment, a running comedic gag they've got going over there.

The happy hubby, meanwhile, looks like he really needs a smoke. Who can blame him? After his week I'd need a fifth of Jack Daniels and a carton of cigarettes just to get through the night.

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