Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doofus Grayson Gets Punked

My Lord, is this guy the biggest tool in the Congress or what?
Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has set up a new Web site, Names of the Dead, to memorialize Americans who died because they had no health insurance:

'Every year, more than 44,000 Americans die simply because have no health insurance.

I have created this project in their memory. I hope that honoring them will help us end this senseless loss of American lives. If you have lost a loved one, please share the story of that loved one with us. Help us ensure that their legacy is a more just America, where every life that can be saved will be saved.'
Of course every poorly thought out idea from the left, which pretty much is everything they do, backfires badly.
The automated list of names has been removed from the site. It may be that mourning "Hugh G. Reckshinn," age 44, from Dumas, Texas, was a bit too much for them.

Naturally, Dick Grayson is breaking House rules, though at the same time, there are no more rules in Nancy Pelosi's House.
The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) slammed the site’s content and said it violated a number of House ethics rules and campaign laws, including prohibitions against floor speeches intended to direct people to campaign websites. Lawmakers are also not permitted to use personal funds to subsidize official House business, an NRCC spokesman said.

The NRCC also noted that the new site links to both Grayson’s campaign website and his official House website. Commingling publicly funded congressional communications and campaign communications is prohibited.

The NRCC spokesman added that the site also violates campaign law because Grayson paid for it without directing the personal funds through a campaign committee.

“Whatever excuse he wants to say ... it doesn’t matter. Either way it appears to violate a rule.”

“What is wrong with this man? Alan Grayson’s morbid exploitation of ‘the dead’ for personal political gain may be the most shameless stunt he’s pulled yet,” said NRCC spokesman Andy SerĂ© in a statement. “Once again, he’s proved himself to be an abject embarrassment to Central Floridians who want more than a circus clown for a congressman.”

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