Sunday, October 04, 2009

'If Charlie Rangel is Low Income, Then We Have a New Crisis in This Country'

Here you thought Charlie Rangel's ethical issues only recently came to light. That quote is from 1970, when the odious Democrat first ran for Congress. Thirty-nine years later he's still sucking off the public teat, mired in corruption and still his fellow Democrats look the other way.

The New York Post lay out the exhaustive case against the corrupt Harlem hack today. Here's just a taste.
So it would go for Charlie Rangel over the next four decades — a pattern of tax evasion, special treatment and enrichment that seemed to increase with his power and prestige in Congress. Whether it’s living in rent-stabilized apartments while making a hefty salary, or failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings and assets, his actions betray a consistent, defiant sense of entitlement. And when he is caught, the powerful Democrat blames a right-wing conspiracy.

Never mind that his critics are often independent, or even liberal.

“Although Charlie Rangel has an admirable record over 40 years, none of that excuses his reprehensible ethics violations,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a non-partisan government watchdog group that since 2008 has included Rangel on its list of the most corrupt members of Congress. “There is a pattern of violations that suggest at a minimum carelessness and arrogance that he doesn’t think the rules apply to him.”

The Harlem row house loan was only the first step in Rangel’s history of playing fast-and-loose with real estate.
Go read the rest. Then e-mail it to your nearest Democrat Congressthing and ask them why they turn a blind eye to his malfeasance.

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