Saturday, October 03, 2009

Why Garofalo's Comments Are Dangerous

So Janeane Garofalo once again went on the show "Real Time" with Bill Maher on HBO and continued her insane assertions that the people who have filled the street at venues all across this country this summer at events known as Tea Parties are nothing more then Klan members without the hoods.

Sure, nobody watches that show and most people could care less what Garofalo has to say, but there is a segment in this country that does listen, and that is what makes her comments, and those of others who spew the racism crap, dangerous.

The disaffected African-American youth in this country who are looking for any sort of reason to justify their anti-social behavior will latch onto such screeds as a defense. We have already allowed people in this country to blame their condition in life, that they find themselves in, on everything but themselves. It is always some sort of external force that is to blame for not achieving everything they hoped to achieve, or in what has become an overused word--fair.

If people were paying attention they would notice that the high achievers in our society almost never come out and say the reason they got to where they at is because somebody gave it to them. If success comes from hard work, a willingness to put in the extra hours, maybe taking a risk or two, and always working to improve their skills then what do people who don't rise to such lofty heights attribute their lack of success to? Listen to the people who feel they have been left behind and they will almost never cite any of those success factors as a reason of their lack of success. They blame mommy and daddy, the red haired girl in second grade or not getting the winning lottery ticket.

Most of us have indeed worked hard, suffered some setbacks or obstacles, but it is our response to the hardships that determine what we achieve.

When Garofalo gets on TV and starts spouting her racist crap it gives those who feel that their condition in life is not due to anything they have done, but to another group that is the formula for trouble.

My question for the African-American community is the one I have always had. Why is it that every other group of immigrants who come to this country, including those from Africa but not born in this country, manage to achieve the American dream and seem able to made life better for each succeeding generation but you can't?

Garofalo of course uses the new snarky word that the loony liberals have fallen in love with, to label the Tea Party attendees, one which most Tea Party attendees had no idea what it meant and needed the deviants on the left explain to the rest of the world. The fact that liberals knew what that word meant without looking it up says more about them then it does the people they are trying to smear.

Garofalo may be trying to shut up the people opposed to the massive government takeover that is being attempted in this country by shaming the people speaking out, but playing the race card has all but lost any sort of power it may have had from being overused. Instead, her comments will be used by those on the other side to justify any actions they take against the racists they see in their midst, and then will Garofalo step up and accept responsibility for stoking the flames? The left is very quick to blame every unsolved homicide in this country on right wing radio or Fox News, but what will happen if the actions start happening to the very people she is working so hard to demonize? She is after all giving them an excuse to attack citizens who attend a tea party, but I am not so sure the Garofalo defense will go too far in a court of law.

I wonder what her position is on raping 13-year-old girls or having threesomes with 15-year-olds is.

I am hoping some intrepid Internet maven will find a video clip of Garefalo's appearance and if I find one I will post it. I saw sections of her appearance on Fox and Friends this morning.

UPDATE: Found the video courtesy of Newsbusters. Hmmm, I wonder why she left out the 9/11 Troofers in her criticism?

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