Monday, November 30, 2009

Al Sharpton's Daughter as Charming as Her Father

Not just his daughter. His ex-wife likes to throw around the F-bombs with impunity. I wonder where they picked up this nasty habit?
The @#$%! mouths on these Sharpton gals!

The ex-wife and daughter of the Rev. Al Sharpton hit cops with a fusillade of F-bombs when they were arrested on a Harlem traffic violation last month, according to statements released this morning.

In language that might make even the vociferously cop-appraising Reverend blanche, Kathy Jordan, 53, and her daughter, Dominique, 23, told police in no uncertain terms how displeased they were to get pulled over -- allegedly for blowing past a cop car and running a red light at 110th Street and 8th Avenue on October 30.

Mother and daughter shared a court appearance on their misdemeanor cases this morning in Manhattan. The mother was charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest and harassment. The daughter was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

"I have a play to go to -- this is f---ing bullshit!" the daughter yelled at an officer, according to prosecutors.

"This is f---ing bull---!" the daughter allegedly continued. "You were driving too slow. Get the f--- off me! You can't harass me! Why the f--- am I getting a summons?"

The mom allegedly chimed in: "Why the f--- are you locking her up! Get your f---ing hands off her!"

Their lawyer, Michael Hardy -- who also reps the Rev -- tried unsuccessfully to get the charges dropped on the spot by noting that the mother and daughter merely exercised their First Amendment rights.

"Since when does verbal objection become criminal in America?" Hardy said after court.

But cops say the pair did a little more than just yap. Mom Kathy also pushed Sgt. Jorge Tavarez with her hands, grabbed the handcuffs the sergeant was holding, refused to put her hands behind her back for cuffing and ignored repeated demands that she return to her vehicle, the complaint alleges.
Obviously this is raaaaacist.

I have to chuckle at the lawyer's quote. His buddy Sharpton tries to ruin people over things they say that he disagrees with and he's got the balls to play the First Amendment card.

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