Friday, November 20, 2009

Army Goes Rogue, Will Allow Media at Palin's Ft. Bragg Appearance

You just know this will drive the angry left into further apoplexy. It's absolutely killing them her book is selling at such an astonishing rate and now they'll suffer further seeing her welcomed at a military installation.
The U.S. Army has reversed its position and now says it will open Sarah Palin's appearance on Fort Bragg to media despite fears the event will turn into political grandstanding against President Barack Obama.

Fort Bragg officials said Friday in a news advisory that any interested media will be able to attend. A day earlier, a spokesman said media would be prevented from attending so the Palin book signing would not become a political platform to express opinions "directed against the commander in chief."

The Associated Press and The Fayetteville Observer protested that ban. The military then proposed limited media coverage but relented Friday.
You cannot stop Palin-mania, my friends. You can only hope to contain it.

You suppose MessNBC will send the doltish Norah O'Donnell down to ambush some unwitting soldier with stupid questions?

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