Saturday, November 21, 2009

Columbia 'Noose' Plagiarist Sues ... Again

When you're exposed as a fraud and a plagiarist, you should have the common decency to just slink off into obscurity or wait for your appointment in the Obama administration. But no, this one just can't do that. She's the victim, you see. Whine about racism, keep filing frivolous suit after frivolous suit and you figure to walk off with a handsome payday at some point.
A lawsuit-happy former Columbia University professor yesterday renewed her claims that she was the victim of an "academic lynching" when she was canned for plagiarism last year.

Madonna Constantine, who made headlines in 2007 when a hangman's noose was found dangling from her office door, filed the newest action against the university in Manhattan federal court.

It's the fourth time the academic, who is black, has sued the school since she was booted for allegedly cribbing from her colleagues and students.

A judge tossed out one of the cases earlier this year.
Two years after the mysterious noose incident and there's still no resolution to that case. It's widely believed Constantine put it there herself, but just the mere mention of that might cause us to be called raaaaacist. Oddly, there is surveillance video from the area where the noose was placed but the university refuses to release it.

I wonder why?

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