Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Mostly Peaceful' Activists Riot Before Geneva WTO Meeting

Recall back in the summer when Tea Party protesters were portrayed as "raucous" and "angry mobs" by the lamestream media? Well, get a load of how these leftwing anarchists are portrayed in this dispatch out of Geneva.
Anti-capitalism demonstrators smashed windows of banks and watchmakers in central Geneva today during a violent protest against the World Trade Organisation.

Several people dressed in black used mallets to break windows at Credit Suisse and other institutions during the demonstration by some 3,000 mostly peaceful people.

They also smashed windows at a Starbucks cafe.

A Reuters reporter at the scene said some demonstrators seemed to be smashing windows at every building they passed.

Protesters also set off fireworks in the Swiss city's main shopping street, which was lined with police in riot gear.

The demonstration was called to protest against the WTO's three-day ministerial conference that starts on Monday.

Police spokesman Patrick Puhl confirmed protesters set fire to four cars and broke shop windows during a march Saturday.

Puhl said other acts of vandalism were also committed during the march.

Activists say trade policies adopted by WTO members create poverty in rich and poor countries by squeezing farmers in developing countries and depressing labour standards in industrialised nations.
Here's one of those zany activists wearing a ski mask and wielding a hammer.

Where are the water cannons when you need them?

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