Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Celebrity Takes Racy Photos ... With Predictable Results

Nothing overly obscene, mind you. But seriously, when is this stuff going to stop? Are these people so stupid they don't realize that eventually these photos find their way into the public eye?
Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore has contacted investigators from Major League Baseball to stop publication of steamy photographs that he says were stolen from his girlfriend's e-mail account and then posted online.

Sizemore took the photos, which first appeared Sunday on a Web site, with a cell phone standing in front of a bathroom mirror. He is partially nude in a few of them.

"We fully support Grady as he deals with this personal matter," the Indians said in a statement Monday. "The posted photos were stolen from his girlfriend's e-mail account and a legal investigation is under way."

Sizemore told The Plain Dealer of Cleveland the photos were intended for his girlfriend. The team said Sizemore wouldn't make any further comment on the photos.
His girlfriend is a Playboy Playmate, but her photos are, of course, tastefully done.

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