Monday, November 30, 2009

'Dear Leader' Not Showing The Love

I wonder what the penalty for crashing a party is?
A NUMBER of North Koreans have been arrested and could face execution for leaking information on the movements of leader Kim Jong-Il to South Korean news media, reports and sources say.
Dong-A Ilbo newspaper, quoting sources in the communist state, said today "many North Korean residents'' in the northeastern city of Hoeryong have been charged with espionage.

It said they were accused of leaking information on Kim's February 24 "field guidance'' trip to the city to a South Korean internet newspaper and may face execution.

Apparently "Dear Leader" doesn't like folks to know where he is. If he is so loved by all of his people why is this such a concern? I think the real culprit is revealed a little later in the article.
"A different group of North Korean residents who had worked for another Seoul-based civilian organisation were caught using unauthorised mobiles in Hoeryong,'' Shin Ju-Hyun, a Daily NK journalist, said.

If there is one thing Kim Done Gone Batty won't allow, it is contact with the outside world. To the average North Korean they think the rest of the world lives exactly the same as they do.

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