Sunday, November 22, 2009

Make 2010 Their Last Year In Office

We all knew that last nights vote outcome was pre-ordained. The American people held on to some sort of slim hope that maybe, just maybe the healthcare bill could be stopped last night, and all it would have taken was one vote from a Democrat to kill it so that they could scrap the massive tome currently circulating Capitol Hill and go back to the drawing board, but alas the Democrats proved once again they are more afraid of their leadership then they are their constituents.

It is time to make our elected officials more afraid of the people who gave them their job then the bullies they follow. The following is a list of Democrat senators up for reelection next year. Americans are going to have to target these races. Venting your outrage at all things political just muddies the water. Get focused on those who are actually up for election.

I watched part of the debate yesterday in between watching football games and while the Republicans could cite facts and figures the Democrats spent their time demonizing insurance companies, questioning the sanity and patriotism of the average American who opposed their government takeover plan, and tried to tug at the heart strings with stories of people who they feel were wronged by the system. The problem is none of their proposals will address those inequities and in fact will make things worse.

I am not advocating being cold and heartless in this healthcare reform issue, quite the opposite. I want to see something done to address the problems, but overhauling the whole system is not the answer.

So here is your list of Democrat Senators up for reelection in 2010. Keep it. Clip it. Challenge them. Vote them out of office. Make them once again responsive to we the people.

Roland Burris - IL
Ted Kauffman - DE
Blanche Lincoln - AR
Barbara Boxer - CA
Michael Bennet - CO
Christopher Dodd _ CT
Daniel Inouye - HI
Evan Bayh - IN
Barbara Mikulski - MD
Harry Reid - NV
Kirsten Gillibrand - NY
Chuck Schumer - NY
Byron Dorgan - ND
Ron Wyden - OR
Arlen Specter - PA
Patrick Leahy - VT
Patty Murray - WA
Russ Feingold - WI

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