Monday, November 23, 2009

Just 'Plane Stupid': Environmental Wackos Slaughter Polar Bears

Really helping their cause.
Airline pollution activists Plane Stupid are on a collision course with the advertising regulator after launching a graphic cinema campaign that sees CGI polar bears falling to bloody deaths to highlight the impact of carbon emissions.

Plane Stupid's ad, which breaks in cinemas and online today, features dozens of animated polar bears falling from the sky onto a city centre, bouncing off skyscrapers and landing in the street and on the roof of a car, accompanied by blood-spurting special effects.

The only sound, apart from the bone-crunching thump of the impacts, is the steadily increasing whine of a jet airliner's engines.
I guess since the polar bear population has increased so much in recent years they felt the need to kill some off.

Via Tim Blair.

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