Thursday, November 26, 2009

Globwarm Myth of the Day: Eating Less Sausage Will Save the Planet

As the scandal of the century mushrooms further and the credibility of the global warming hoaxers evaporates faster than Barack Obama's approval rating, today's exercise in stupidity bring us this inane drivel out of the U.K.
Cutting a sausage a day from the average British diet is necessary to save the planet, scientists claim.

Their controversial report, which partly blames meat-eaters for climate change, was backed by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn's department last night.

The scientists called for a 30 per cent reduction in the number of farm animals bred for meat to prevent rising temperatures and rising sea levels.

The average meat intake in men is 970g a week and in women 550g a week. A 30 per cent reduction in men is equivalent to seven 40g sausages, two 130g chicken breasts, four 70g lamb chops or 12 bacon rashers of 25g.

Such a reduction would also bring significant health benefits, the scientists said, by reducing premature deaths from heart disease in Britain by 17 per cent - equivalent to 18,000 lives a year.

They claimed food production from animals was a major source of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, and that by 2030, rising demand for meat was expected to drive up livestock production globally by 85 per cent from 2000 levels, leading to substantial emission increases.

The authors, led by Dr Alan Dangour, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Dr Sharon Friel, from the Australian National University in Canberra, wrote in the medical journal The Lancet that improvements in agricultural efficiency were 'necessary but not sufficient to meet targets to reduce emissions'.
Ah yes, The Lancet, the home of those bogus Iraq fatalities from several years ago, a report funded by the thug George Soros.

Meanwhile, more climate change fraud has been exposed.

Rather than admit they've all been in on the greatest hoax of modern time, the reality deniers are just doubling down with more hysteria. Their credibility has been shattered yet they still move forward, inching ever close to the cliff's edge. Their fall will be a steep one.

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