Monday, November 23, 2009

Captain Sully Getting 'Rock Star Sex'

Too much information. Although this no doubt will conjure up all sorts of cockpit jokes.
He's a hero in the sack, too.

The wife of Pilot Chesley Sullenberger let slip that all the hosannas her hubby got for safely landing a US Airways plane in the Hudson River gave their sex life a big boost.

"He doesn't know I'm gonna say this, but I had joked the other day that ... the hero sex really helps a 20-year-old marriage," Laurie Sullenberger told NBC's Matt Lauer.

"Rock star sex," Sullenberger chimed in.

The Sullenbergers' TMI moment came after Lauer asked them - for a Thanksgiving Day special - if Sully's sudden celebrity helped or hurt their relationship.
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