Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Three Minute Sarah Palin Fix

Since Jammie likes to post about scowling liberal women I thought I would bring you a few minutes of Sarah Palin. This is from an interview conducted by Gretchen Carlson, beauty queen from MN and co host of Fox and Friends, that was done down in Florida at her book signing.

This is Sarah being Sarah, but there are plenty of smiles and enough upbeat attitude to make you like the woman on a personal level. Will she ever be able to gain ground in the political arena again? Only time will tell, but this is where having Barry O as a president will hurt her. Americans have seen what happens when you elect an American Idol candidate. We all wind up living on Survivor Island, so I don't think having a gregarious and photogenic persona is going to be good enough in the future.

Anyway I enjoyed the part about her changing a diaper just before debating Joe Biden. Little did she know she should have brought her diaper bag on stage with her for Joe.

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