Friday, November 20, 2009

The Most Important News Story Of The Day

Sure we got the Senate trying to cram a trillion dollar healthcare scheme down our throats, a president who can't make a decision on how to surrender in Afghanistan with honor, and the whole global warming hoax blowing up in their acolytes faces, but the most dog gone important news of the day is that UGA VII has passed away.
The University of Georgia's beloved mascot, Uga VII, died suddenly in Savannah on Thursday morning. The dog's owner said the white English bulldog died unexpectedly of an apparent heart attack. He was just 4 years old and in his second season as the university's official mascot.
Yes, folks I am sorry to bring you the bad news, but the University of Georgia's much beloved mascot has passed away. While "officially" being ruled a heart attack there are some who say it was from a broken heart after the season their football team has had, which was precipitated by their loss to Georgia Tech last year and the prospects this year looking even more bleak. Others think he may have taken his own life rather then being subjected to further humiliation.

Whatever the cause he will be deeply missed.

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