Monday, November 23, 2009

Aww: 'Going Rouge' Authors Now Whining About Unfair Treatment

A bunch of far left cranks try to cash in on Sarah Palin's runaway success and the publishers of Palin's book fight back. So what do these twits do?

Whine like little babies. I guess they expected a free payday by piggybacking on her name.
A parody of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue: An American Life" has been causing huge confusion -- forcing Palin's publishers HarperCollins to take out ads to direct buyers to the official version.

The rival book, "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare," was released on the same day as Palin's memoir and features an almost identical cover.

Colin Robinson, co-publisher of the book, compiled by Nation magazine staffers Betsy Reed and Richard Kim, told Page Six: "We have been contacted by numerous media outlets across the country asking for interviews with Sarah Palin, or companies offering security for her while on tour.

"One Web site not only thought we were Ms. Palin's publishers but called the book 'Going Rough.'

"We've noticed that someone, presumably HarperCollins, has been buying ads on Google redirecting people looking for 'Going Rouge' to 'Going Rogue,' which seems very unsporting of them."
Aww, the poor babies. It's very unsporting of them!

Unlike, say, printing an nearly identical book in order to score an quick payday.


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