Thursday, November 19, 2009

'You Guys Make a Pretty Good Photo Op'

It's bad enough the top success of the Obama Asian trip was his photo op at the Great Wall, but this is incredibly narcissistic, even for Obama.
Obama arrived on the base 3:19 p.m. local time (1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) and received a rousing welcome from 1,500 troops in camouflage uniforms, many holding cameras or pointing cellphones to snap pictures.

"You guys make a pretty good photo op," the president said.

Standing on a riser wearing a blue suit and red tie, with a cluster of troops and a large American flag behind him, Obama expressed "the gratitude of the American public" and said his meetings in four countries over eight days in Asia will help deliver a "safer, more prosperous world for all of us."

He got a huge cheer when he told them he was increasing military pay. "That's what you call an applause line," he said, before boarding his jet and taking off at 4:11 p.m.
Nothing like exploiting the military.

He's getting destroyed in the comments at the WaPo. One sample:
"You guys make a pretty good photo op," the president said.

As a soldier, I'm offended by that remark. Were we also a good photo op when he was at Dover AFB a few weeks ago saluting the caskets of fallen soldiers coming home?

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