Monday, November 30, 2009

'She's a Publicity Machine'

You think Tiger Woods has had a bad weekend. Wait until he finds out his alleged girlfriend is now represented by the odious Gloria Allred. Welcome to Tiger's nightmare.
After Rachel Uchitel ran into trouble, she did what plenty of scandal-scarred women have done before her: She ran right to Gloria Allred.

Allred, the self-described "most famous woman attorney in the nation," has represented women in some of Tinsletown's biggest cases.

Now she's taken in Uchitel, a Manhattan club hostess who the National Enquirer claims had an affair with golf legend Tiger Woods.

Dressed to the nines in one of her signature designer suits, the 68-year-old lawyer greeted Uchitel at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday with a hug.

But that soft touch was misleading. Known for her no-holds-barred press conferences, Allred is a tiger in the court of public opinion.

"I don't think there's been a high-profile case she didn't like," said Loyola Law School Prof. Stan Goldman, who has known Allred for decades.

"She's the rainmaker. Her name and reputation bring in the clients. She's a publicity machine, and you can't underestimate the skills of her team," Goldman said.

Allred got her start taking on the Beverly Hills Friars Club for discrimination, and she's a master at making sometimes unsympathetic women look like victims of a sexist society or manipulative men.

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