Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey, Don't I Know You?

Sure looks like Barack Obama is familiar with the Salahis. Maybe they flashed this photo in order to scam their way into the White House the other night.

Meanwhile, as their fifteenth minute rapidly approaches, these two have ditched Larry King and are angling for a big payday.

They may be in big trouble, but the White House party crashers are just eyeing the big bucks.

The desperate and broke fame-seeking duo has postponed their highly anticipated TV appearance with Larry King and are shopping interviews to the highest bidder -- demanding "high six figures" for their story, sources said yesterday.

Michaele and Tareq Salahi became the "big get" since they sneaked their way into the supposedly secure White House state dinner Tuesday evening -- getting face time with President Obama and leaving the Secret Service with a major black eye.

But their bid for cash has shocked even seasoned television veterans.

"This being asked by relative nobodies is pretty ridiculous, and it's going to be interesting to see where they end up," said an industry insider. "Their people are aggressively shopping them around."

The couple had been slated to appear on "Larry King Live" tomorrow night, but the Salahis "have postponed" the interview, a spokesman for King said.

Underscoring their value as interview subjects was a note left on their front door by a producer for Katie Couric, who said the CBS anchor was anxious to give them "the opportunity to tell their side of the story."

The socialite couple's lawyer, Paul Gardner, and spokeswoman, Mahogany Jones, have been doing the negotiating, but people close to the Salahis said it was not surprising they would try to exploit their ill-gotten fame for financial gain.

"Everyone who knows Tareq knows that he is one of the most aggressive, P.T. Barnum-type operators out there," said a pal who has known them for years.
The one thing I always took away from the circus was the stench of elephant crap. I'm getting a big whiff of it with these two.

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