Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aw: Obama Fan Organizes Koran Reading at Capitol

If we've learned anything this week it's you can be a total nonentity with a handful of kook fringe followers one day and a media obsession the next. That crank in Florida proved that already. Now we have another douchebag looking for his 15 minutes. Nine years ago today the Capitol was likely a target of Islamists. Today American dhimmis are reading their inspiration there.
A Virginia man has organized a Quran reading on the Capitol’s west lawn Saturday afternoon, an event planned to counter Florida pastor Terry Jones’ threat to burn the Muslim holy text.

The reading will proceed even though Jones has backed off. A Facebook page about the planned 4 p.m. quiet reading says it is designed to “counter the forces of ignorance and intolerance.”

“This event is not about religious proselytizing, but about furthering understanding and tolerance (in fact, the people organizing it are all either Christians or Agnostics). Please join us for a few hours of quiet reading in the name of brotherhood and peace,” the website states.

Tony Tribby, 43, noted that even though Jones has canceled his plan, there have been threats by others – including the extreme Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas – to undertake Quran burnings.
Naturally, he's an Obamaton.
Tribby said he volunteered for Howard Dean’s (D) unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2004 and for President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008, but that Saturday’s Quran reading is the first political event he has organized.
His MySpace page lists his heroes as Howard Dean, John Conyers, and Janeane Garofalo, among others.

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