Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dan Abrams: Women Are Better Than Men or Something

Having successfully run MSNBC into the ground with an all-male lineup (well, except for Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann), legal "expert" and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams is ready to regale us all with his keen insights as to why women are superior to men. He may have a point. Whenever a woman is hosting a Fox News Channel show they always get far higher numbers than any man on MSNBC. Seem to me a guy who's never been married is just looking for a ways to score with the ladies.
Msnbc legal eagle Dan Abrams is making the case for women, literally. He's inked a six-figure deal with Abrams Books (no relation) to chronicle ways women are superior to men. In "Man Down," he'll present studies, polls and other "evidence" to prove that women actually best the boys in typically male areas like gambling and enduring pain, and even make better hedge-fund managers and cops. Abrams isn't basing this on his own studies of gorgeous actresses: "If I had any unique insight into women, I would be married. I don't. This is a fun book written from the perspective of a lawyer making a case. A lot of people will be surprised by what we found."
His own site wonders why they were scooped.

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