Friday, September 03, 2010

'I Will Stand With the President of the United States Anywhere, Anytime, No Hesitation'

Sure, he'll stand with Obama anytime, anytime without hesitation. Except when Obama shows up in his state and the endangered Democrat heads for the hills. C'mon, Russ, man up.
When President Barack Obama visits Milwaukee on Labor Day to talk to working families and members of dozens of labor unions, one prominent politician won't be there.

A Labor Day schedule released by the staff of U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) indicates that while Feingold will be in Milwaukee for a Laborfest pre-parade on Monday morning, he will not be in town when Obama is expected to arrive.

Obama is scheduled to arrive in Milwaukee early in the afternoon. Laborfest is open to the public, but a ticket will be needed to enter the area where the president is scheduled to speak. That ticket procedure has not yet been announced.

Laborfest will be open from noon to 7 p.m. at Henry Maier Festival Park.

On Labor Day, Feingold has two other commitments - in Janesville, his hometown, and Kenosha. Both cities have strong union ties.

When Obama was in Menomonee Falls and Milwaukee last month, Feingold greeted the president in Milwaukee and stayed with him the entire day.

"I will stand with the president of the United States anywhere, anytime, no hesitation. I'm proud of what this president has tried to do," Feingold told the Journal Sentinel in an interview last month prior to Obama's visit.
You can bet your ass if Obama were actually popular this guy would be front and center for any photo op. But since the Golfer-in-Chief is radioactive and is dragging down Democrats across the nation they're too cowardly to come out and support their man.

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