Monday, February 25, 2008

Cabal of Far Left Soros-Funded Fringe Groups Take Aim at McCain

No surprise here, leading the charge for this amalgam of fringe groups is The Silky Pony himself.

Naturally, they're also running against George W. Bush as well.
Democratic grass roots organizations on Monday launched a $20 million campaign to defeat Republican John McCain in the 2008 U.S. presidential election by focusing their attention on rising costs of the Iraq war.

The campaign, supported by former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, aims to link war spending with the ailing U.S. economy.

"There's a great concern and anxiety, angst out there among most Americans about their economic security," Edwards said in a teleconference from North Carolina. "All these things are made much worse by concern about what's happening in Iraq ... People don't understand why we're spending $500 billion and counting in Iraq."

Edwards added, "The American people are going to have a very clear choice this fall -- a Democrat who will bring this thing to an end ... and Senator John McCain who will continue the war."
Here's the list of kook outfits on board:
Center for American Progress, USAction,,, Service Employees International Union and Americans United for Change.
Naturally, they're portrayed as "grass roots" organizations, but let's take a look at some of them.

The Center for American Progress, another Podesta-Soros-Ickes creation that spawned the odious hit squad from Media Matters.

USAction, another dubious Soros frontgroup.
A member organization of the Win Without War anti-war coalition, USAction receives financial
from Working Assets and the Open Society Institute. Enough said. They lost all credibility with the "General Betray Us" smear.

VoteVets was behind the Rush Limbaugh phony soldier smear campaign last fall.

Americans United for Change is run by a former Jon Corzine operative named Brad Woodhouse.

So there isn't anything newsworthy here. A bunch of far left political hacks who practice the art of political smear, yet they're give a free pass by Reuters, which pretends these are "grass roots" groups.

It's going to be a long campaign, folks.

Update: Didn't see it earlier, but I notice Michelle Malkin had a similar reaction.

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