Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Probing the 'Roots' of Terror: Start With Islam and Go From There

Here we go, searching for the root causes of terrorism.

To think, people will take this clown seriously.
Underlining that terrorism has no religion, a Muslim leader Wednesday argued for a more in-depth investigation into the reasons that turn an ordinary man into a terrorist.

'Security agencies declare so and so individual as terrorist but we never come to know their basic reasons that make them resort to violence, if its true,' Sirajuddin Qureshi, president of the India Islamic Cultural Centre (IIIC) here, told reporters.

He said a person usually turned to terrorism due to a certain sense of injustice and deprivation. 'Either he has seen his mother or sister being raped; brother or father being killed, or he has been kept out of society,' Qureshi said.

Such a person has revenge on top of his mind and looks at everyone as an enemy, he said, stressing: 'We need to know why they become terrorists.
Uh, maybe a twisted interpretation of the Koran?
We read in media that innocent Muslims are being picked up after a terrorist attack. This body should inquire into these cases,' Qureshi said, deploring that most people caught up in the security net usually turn out to be innocent.

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