Friday, February 29, 2008

Jack Ruby's Gun to Be Auctioned

Now this is an interesting souvenir to have. Definitely a bit macabre, but it'll probably get a bundle.
The gun used to kill JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, is to be sold at an auction hailed as the best collection of American 'pop culture' ever assembled.

The Colt Cobra revolver used by Jack Ruby to kill Oswald in 1963, just days after Oswald was arrested for assassinating the U.S. President, could fetch several million pounds alone, auctioneers believe.
Another interesting item up for bid will be Hillary Clinton's the Wicked Witch of the West's hat from The Wizard of Oz.
Collected over the past 25 years, the lots also feature the Wicked Witch of the West's hat from 'The Wizard of Oz'.

President of New York-based auction house Guernsey's, Arlan Ettinger, said the collection of 850 lots could fetch more than £3 million when it goes under the hammer in Las Vegas next month.

Mr Ettinger said: "This collection is as good as it gets.

"Most collections have one or two great things and then things trail off from there.

"This collection - there would have to be 100 items here - any one of which would be a star attraction anywhere else."
I've got years of experience!

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