Monday, February 25, 2008

Plumbing the Depths of Depravity: Wheelchair Bombers

Earlier this month, the Al Qaeda monsters were exposed using mentally incapacitated women as homicide bombers in Iraq.

Now they've moved on to using handicapped men in wheelchairs.

I wonder if this will again be described as brilliant?

Disabled bomber kills senior Iraq policeman
A handicapped man in a wheel chair wearing an explosives vest blew himself up inside a police building in the central Iraqi town of Samarra on Monday, killing a senior officer, security officials told AFP.

Two other officers were also killed in the attack.

Iraqi security officials said the bomber came to the building to meet Brigadier General Abdul Jabbar Saleh Rabia, the deputy commander for the security of Samarra.

A security official said he was allowed to enter the building without being searched as he was handicapped.
By now you think they would realize everyone should be searched.

H/T Writer Mom via LGF.

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