Thursday, February 21, 2008

News Out of the Great White North

No not New England silly, I mean Canada. It seems our neighbors to the north get neglected when it comes to news other then when it deals with their wonderful Human Rights council. So here is my little contribution to highlighting some news from our Canadian friends.

Mounties pants go missing in break in.
MAPLE RIDGE, British Columbia, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia lost several pairs of pants in a burglary of a dry cleaning store, the RCMP said.
And in what I hope is totally unrelated news, because how embarrasing would it be to be arrested by a Mountie in his underwear.

Quebec smashes ring of 17 computer hackers
At a Montreal news conference, Frederick Gaudreau, spokesman for the provincial Surete du Quebec police force said an investigation that began in 2006 culminated Wednesday with 17 raids by SQ officers and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 12 towns throughout the province.

The accused range in age from 17 to 26, and all but one were male, Gaudreau said.
And no doubt living in their parent's basement.

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